Biscotti stuff.

The best beans come from their natural environment, nestled among native flora and protected by the shade. That’s one of the biggest reasons the best beans are so difficult and expensive to grow. They require intense labor and dedication, but nothing designs a better end result for coffee beans than nature’s original intention.

In addition to a better bean, we believe environmental and social responsibility are commitments that should apply to all our products, not just a few that draw you in. That takes relationships with suppliers who understand our needs and have direct trade relationships with the growers. Relying on a label is not enough.

We know there’s confusion out there about industry jargon and those labels. If you’d like our take, click below. If not, we won’t make you scroll through it all.

What jargon?

We’re not going to change your mind. We know that. You like what you like, whether that be whole bean vs. ground or blade grinder vs. burr grinder. But, we still want to tell you why we only sell whole bean coffee.

You’ve seen it over and over. The best coffee is ground with a burr grinder for your specific application just before you use it. That said, you be you. We won’t lecture.

What we do care about for everyone is how much faster the coffee oxidizes once the bag is open when it comes to you already ground. That oxidation is also why we sell in 12 ounce bags. Once opened, we’d like you to be able to get through those beans in 10 to 14 days. If they were ground, we’d probably say 8 days max. After that, you’re no longer drinking the coffee you bought.

In combination with our commitment to environmental responsibility, you can understand why we don’t offer single serving machine cups either. But, all our roasts are suitable for your machine using your reusable filter!


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How the heck do you pronounce this, anyway? Cucina Vivace is Italian for lively kitchen. We began as a Washington, DC area restaurant and evolved into catering, cooking classes, restaurant consulting, food sites, and this mouthwatering line of traditional Italian biscotti and coffee. Our founder, Chef Gordon Vivace, has over 20 awards to his credit, was featured in the single edition Celebrated Chef’s of DC (DC’s top 50 chefs), and his cookbook on old world Italian tradition has remained five star rated on Amazon since 2012. We’re not just another online retailer. We’ve been all-about-the-food since 2007.


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